It turns out blogging every day for twenty days is hard. REALLY hard. Who knew? (Molly).

We got home from tour and after a blissful two week break started back at it – writing, recording, rehearsing, booking and planning.

To make myself feel better for pretty much failing my tour diary attempt, here are some highlights from the rest of the tour:

Olympia, Washington: Adorable (sarcasm) drunk couple made out directly next to the stage for hours, and ended up definitely having sex in the bathroom. The woman either had such a great time in the bathroom, (or as I like to imagine, was so moved by our music) that she took her shirt off and swung it around her head during our set. Rock stardom achieved. After the show I was approached by a man in a pirate outfit (not costume, mind you – this was some legit Johnny Depp looking shit) who offered to trade me a bunch of organic grapes for our CD. As a pirate, he explained to me, he only bartered goods and did not carry cash. I obliged, because duh.

Seattle, Washington: Don’t even get me started, I LOVE SEATTLE. Because Marcos used to live there and is awesome, he basically planned the perfect sexy entrance into this gorgeous city. We loaded the van up on a ferry and ENTERED BY SEA. It was magical and we all kissed and cuddled, staring blissfully into the waves as the space needle grew larger and larger. We then spent the afternoon at GasWorks Park where a couple did ACROBATIC YOGA while their TWIN BABIES sat on a picnic blanket and stared wistfully into the bay. I realize i’m using a lot of caps but COME ON. This amazing woman named Amy (who none of us knew) let us crash in her house and eat her food, and we played at a really nice venue where we filmed a live video of Dub Kitty that you can see HERE. <—-(click on that)

The next day we had off, traveled through the mountains, and stayed in gorgeous Couer D’Alene, Idaho. We went on a mini-hike and ate highly recommended sushi from a food truck that surprisingly did not poison us.

couer dalene

Billings, Montana: We played in a tattoo shop. I was hesitant, but it ended up being super cool. The owners were husband-and-wife tattoo artists/folk musicians who turned part of their space into a venue because they love music and want to support traveling musicians as much as they can. Nichola, the wife, actually carried a bayonet, so we became friends like immediately, and she told me stories about her friends who were modern day train hoppers (which I did not know was a thing), one of whom was now retired and living in a school bus, blowing glass in front of their shop. At the end of the show naked painted ladies showed up and invited us to a fancy shindig with free food and booze.  Also, since gambling is legal there, every gas station is a mini-casino. So high five, Montana, for being really surprising.

Denver, Colorado: As we pull up to Bar Bar, the second oldest bar in Denver, I’m feeling pretty freaked out. It was located very close to a homeless shelter in a run down part of downtown, and I was skeptical about even leaving the van. The best way I can describe the vibe of this bar, is by telling you about their Early Bird Special – from 7am and 9am you can get a PBR tall boy and 3/4 shot of Jameson for $3 (because a full shot that early is just a little much, ya know?). I had a feeling most of the 4pm crowd had been there since 7am. There wasn’t a real stage, and I was feeling pretty discouraged. However, Chico’s family came to see us, a surprising amount of other people started showing up, and it ended up being one of the best shows we had on tour. After the first song there was that typical split second of silence, where you aren’t sure how they’ll react. I bent down and took a sip of water. “HOLY FUCKING SHIIIIIIT!!!!!” yelled one dude in the front row. Loud applause. Oh, okay. Thank god. The last few crowds hadn’t been so great and I really needed a pick me up.

That night we met a pair of brothers from Chicago who had just moved here to partake in the abundance of marijuana (apparently about 100 people are currently moving to Colorado a day). They filmed our set with their cell phones and both kept yelling “SHOW YOU HOW WE DO IT IN COLORADO, CHI-TOWN!”. We suspect drugs may have been involved. Especially since one brother, “Flip” had approached each of us and assured us that he got whatever drugs he wanted for “real cheap” and could get us anything we needed. Oh, the hospitality! His brother “Flop” (can’t make this shit up) was passed out in a booth for most of the night, but popped up for our set and afterwords told me he “L-O-V-E loves our band. Like REAL love. TRUE love. Like IN love.” …What a special, special moment for me. The night ended with the super cool bartender, who everyone loved, grabbing my boob while taking a picture with me. Typical. But not even misogyny could get me down after such a fun night. Besides, we were driving to Colorado Springs that night, so we were staying in the same hotel TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! Which means there’s no check out tomorrow and I can sleep all DAAAAAAAAAY!

boob grab

Colorado Springs: The town that refused to let Danny eat lunch. The morning of our Colorado Springs tour we all set out to find food. Marcos, Tommy and I enjoyed some delicious Mediterranean grub while being harassed by a snooty hipster who hated his job, Chico found some Mexican food, and poor Danny was just trying to find a burger. The first place he saw had an OPEN sign, but was locked. He looked up and saw a man, waving at him inside. He tried the door again. Still locked. The man just kept waving. He narrowed his eyes and slowly backed away. The next place he saw was labeled “Bar and Grill” so he went inside and asked if they had food. “Yes, but it’s not for sale.” said the friendly bartender. Long stare down. For the second time, Danny stared at a seemingly nice person, who simply refused to feed him, and sidled back into the street. As he neared the end of the street and began to lose hope, a woman approached him, asking for money. “I just started my period and need tampons!” He burst into hangry tears, falling to his knees – “WHY, GOD?!” and ended up eating at Denny’s for the third meal in a row. Our show that night was cool for three reasons – one being that the crowd LOVED SkyAcre, and it’s always really fun to have that happen. They sold a ton of merch and people were super into it. Secondly, the other bands we played with were great. Thirdly and most importantly, we were each given our own pitcher of beer.

marcos beer

Amarillo: Amarillo paid us a decent amount of money. There was smoking inside, and people seemed annoyed that we weren’t playing country music or butt-rock, but they paid us well, the bartenders and booker were really nice, and the stage was great. We may have been told never to come back because we’re too loud, but I think that’s besides the point.

Summary: We ate way too much Denny’s and Shari’s. Boss Battle and SkyAcre are now BFFs 4 lyfe. We are back in Austin recording our second EP, which will be released in April right before our next tour (Midwest this time). Thanks for reading!


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