Drunk Girls Love Danny

Drunk Girls Love Danny

Tour Diary Days Six & Seven (9/16/15 – 9/17/15)

Day Six was a day where we lounged around Matt and Natasha’s house all day until we left for Sacramento (only an hour away from SF) to play our show that night. Not much to mention except:

  1. It sucks when you separate a rock show from its alcohol
  2. They had surprisingly delicious hamburgers next door
  3. Chico’s pre-show shit was SO TERRIBLE that it succeeded in stinking up the ENTIRE venue right before we played. This includes the actual bathroom, the forty foot hallway it was in, and the stage area. Fantastic.

Day Seven: We were finally driving into Oregon! This is the part of the trip I’ve been most excited about (Oregon and Washington). It looks just like I imagined, like the Misty Mountains.


I think the coolest part about being here is that the mountains are so dense that man can’t cover everything in bullshit and strip malls. Mother Nature is like I DARE YOU. We just build these winding roads to get from one habitable valley to the next. It’s so cool. At one point there was a wreck (and we passed a semi that had been separated from it’s engine – and caught fire! Apparently it was hauling porta-potties, which were now all melted) and we were going so slow for so long that we just rode with the door open, and the mountain air felt spectacular!


It made me consider that touring as a well-known band vs. an unknown band both has it’s ups and downs. If we had money, we would have money, which is cool. We could pay a driver, and we would sleep all night while traveling on the tour bus. We would have more time to see each city and relax, but we wouldn’t get to see all the cool stuff we pass all day every day on the road.


Our first show in Oregon was in Eugene, and it was a really fun night. It was a smaller venue, but it was a good show with cool people and decent attendance. The best part of the night, hands down, was the bachelorette party. They were there when we got there (early) and already drunk. We began to notice when one of them (let’s call her Blair) knocked over a bar stool. Blair began to dance and scream for the first band, which was entertaining. She then proceeded to spill 4 drinks in a row (two were other people’s). She fell over a monitor, then decided to just stay on stage, linking arms with the bass player, attempting to pull him over to the guitar player, so that she could link arms with both of them, swaying to the music. The band was totally awesome about it. They smiled and attempted to keep singing even though the singer was being physically pulled away from his mic. Eventually the sound man walked over and asked her to come off the stage. This was the best part. Her eyes got really big, she got really scared and serious, and started shaking her head no, backing away, hiding behind the singer. The poor sound engineer had to get on the stage and pull her off. She was a cute tiny little thing and bounced right back, getting a new water, and coming back to get front and center.

Her friend brought her a chair to sit in right in front of the stage since she was having such a hard time standing, and a second glass of water. She placed both waters on the stage about 2 inches from the guitar players pedal board. Chico thankfully moved them seconds before she fell over, knocking them over with her and the chair. I eventually realized that the blonde girl (let’s call her Serena – see what I’m doing here?) taking care of her was wearing the “bride to be” button, and seemed pretty sober. This made me sad, but as Ben pointed out – she should have picked better friends. There was a third girl with them (Regina) who was pretty drunk but able to stand up and take care of herself, and was attempting to help Blair keep balance while Serena flirted with an older man at the bar. The two of them eventually slow dance/almost fell their way over to Danny and both began hugging him and making him spin them around like ballerinas. Regina asked if she could pet Danny’s beard, to which he naturally replied, “of course”.

regina blair

Blair was eventually escorted out, and Serena and Regina begrudgingly followed, but reappeared after our sets. Hopefully Blair was now safely puking at home. Serena made her way over to the bar to find her older gentleman (who was clearly her drink supply for the evening) and was shortly followed by now-much-drunker Regina, who walked up behind her, said something in her ear, and as she turned to answer, headbutted her HARD. Regina took a knee, but managed to pick herself back up, found Danny again, and decided it was make out time.

blackforest1 blackforest2 blackforest3 blackforest5

And that’s the night we learned – drunk girls love Danny. We celebrated by going to Shari’s.

blackforest sharis

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