First Day Off

First Day Off

Tour Diary: Day Five (9/14/15)

Monday was our first real day off. We spent it picking Heather (Ben’s girlfriend) up from LAX and driving to San Francisco. Picking up Heather was surprisingly fun because we rolled up, opened the door to greet her, and were immediately judged by 5-10 people staring at us unbelievably. Like, they ain’t never seen a van before. No weed smoke rolled out of the van, no one was being crazy, but for some reason people were ogling us. The best was the old dude who stared us down disapprovingly while shaking his head. Pick her up in a regular car, why don’t ya!

San Francisco is way farther from LA than I thought. I’m terrible at geography, so unsurprising. Thankfully the long drive ended with an incredible sunset as we neared the bay area. The pollution may suck but it made the rain look HOT PINK while the sun was setting!

drivingtoSF3 drivingto SF2  sunset SF sf windmills  sf sunset

We were very lucky to stay with an old friend of Ben’s – Matt and his wife Natasha, while in the bay. These are their two dogs – Bulleit and Chief, who are awesome.


Matt and Natasha are both musicians, and are clearly the coolest people in the world, because they let SEVEN people crash at their house for two nights. We seriously took over their entire house. We used their washer and dryer, cooked in their kitchen, slept all over their floors and beds, and all shared their one bathroom. After making a trip to the grocery store where we got to witness a domestic dispute with loud restraining order threats (fun!), we made dinner and drank and ate late into the night. It was so nice to have an evening to just hang out and crash – especially at a house, versus a hotel. It was so homey and wonderfully recuperating. Plus, the weather was so nice that they just kept their windows open, and I got to bust out my tribal leggings and flannel!

mattshouse2  mattshouse4

mattshouse3 mattshouse5mattshouse

Thanks again, Matt and Natasha! We love you!!!

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