Holy Shit, We’re Finally Doing This.

Holy Shit, We’re Finally Doing This.


Let me introduce us:

My name is Erin, and I am the newest addition to Boss Battle.  Ben (drummer) and Chico (wizard) have been playing music together for almost 20 years.  We play weird, synthy, kind of mathy, hard electro-pop-rock music.  (You get exactly what we sound like now, right?)


For those of you who’ve been around a while, you know that Boss Battle used to be called Black Cock, had a different vocalist, and hadn’t put out a record in several years.  Because all of the Black Cock/Boss Battle music comes from Chico’s crazy brain, and he’s also been running his own business full time for the past decade, and because of band member changes, this record has been a LONG time coming.

So much time and effort went into this “debut” EP of ours and we are beyond excited to be finally releasing it for you to hear.  We sent it off to be pressed last night, and it will be officially released 9/11/15.  We are having a local pre-release show here in Austin at one of our favorite venues, Cheer Up Charlie’s with our friends in COSMS, Videoing, and Did You See Those Bats? and would love to see you there.  Otherwise, see you on the road in September, when we hit the West Coast with our buds in SkyAcre!

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