Lawsandjuleez (i’m running out of cute titles)

Lawsandjuleez (i’m running out of cute titles)

Tour Diary: Day Four (9/13/15)

A day where we weren’t going to be spending all day in the van had FINALLY ARRIVED! It only took an hour and a half to drive into Los Angeles from Lancaster, and we decided to be all touristy and walk down to Venice Beach.
venice beachI have honestly never had much interest in LA or wanting to be there, ever. It just seems so big and crazy and overwhelming – not really my thing. Once I got down to the beach, however, I felt the perfect water, looked at the mountains, and kinda got it.

danny venice beac dannymarcosbenvenicebeach erin and chico venice beach2 venice boardwalk

Tommy’s knee was acting up and Daniel had his fill of sun and sea after a few minutes, so they wandered off, and the rest of us went to see Venice Boardwalk. It was terrible. I seriously don’t need to go into any more detail. We found Danny and Tommy being very fancy at a very fancy bar and embarrassed them by taking pictures.

fancy danny and tommy

We reluctantly packed up and headed over to La Puente, where our show would be that night. I could have easily stayed at the beach all day (or all my life) but I think I was the only one. Bridgetown DIY was a very interesting venue. It was almost like a punk rock youth center. There was stern signage about how this was a drug-free alcohol-free space, with no homophobia or racism or discrimination of any kind allowed. It was a small space in a strip mall, covered in Black Lives Matter literature, feminist literature – all kinds of smart, informative stuff. This was all cool, except two things: no booze, and no AC – a tragic combo for a rock show.


We had a sinking feeling that no one would show up, but in fact, we had about 12 kids come, and stick around for the whole show. It was a rough set, because we had several technical problems (cables and things I don’t understand) and the lack of air movement. By the end of it we were drenched in sweat and all starting to feel pretty shitty from dehydration.

skyacre bridgetown

(Here’s Marcos being a beast)

I like to look at all of our shows – even the tough ones – as positively as possible (annoying Sagittarius trait) so that I can take at least a little something away from it. What I learned from this show, was how much I take Chico for granted as a stage-mate. I have never been a front person by myself. I think that I’ve thought of myself as a front person since joining this band, since Chico is stuck behind a stationary mic and a massive pedal board sometimes, but really – I rely on him, and I need him. When we had all the technical difficulties at Bridgetown, he was gone. Like, no interaction with me, no more performing – he was just completely focused on getting his equipment to work, and didn’t have any extra energy to push outwardly. It was completely crazy how much it changed the whole show for me. I felt alone – awkward almost – tired, and unsure of myself. It was definitely a humbling experience. We made it through the set, Ben ran out and low-fived all the kids, and Chico would like me to clarify that he had an excellent time.


(Thanks to Hotwire Deals we got to stay in a RADISSON!)

That night we got back to the hotel, and tried to figure out what to do with ourselves, but I think all of our brains were broken from all the heat and profuse sweating. Ben, Chico and I were supposed to stay with my friend Briana in Silverlake, but after getting to the hotel and feeling so terrible, we didn’t want to try and figure out how to make that happen. Half of us went to sleep (Tommy slept on a closet floor), and the other half tried to walk a few blocks to a bar for a beer. Unsuccessful. It was midnight, and the bars were closed! Apparently it’s a campus thing, because we were staying close to USC. We ended up taking an Uber a few miles to the closest dive bar, and having a drink. It was still expensive. Ugh. Then, starving, we walked to the closest open food, The Original Pantry Cafe, which apparently is famous. Also expensive. Damn. We decided LA hated us and trudged back to the hotel, very much looking forward to the next day – our first day off.  Hopefully San Francisco will be more loving in the booze department.

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