Music Videoing Virgins

Music Videoing Virgins


Behind every creative entity is a black hole of fear caused by an utter lack of money and business skills (I like to make broad, unsubstantiated statements). For an unsigned band (or a band with a baby label), unless the members are made up of trust fund kids, marketing geniuses, and engineers (hey we’ve got one!) you’re constantly scrambling for cash to pay for everything yourself.

When several people told us that we needed a music video to continue the momentum of Attack Time, we quickly realized that we couldn’t afford to make the big fancy one we dreamed of. We were simply too wiped out financially from tour. So, we got creative.

We ate pounds of Kebabalicious while brainstorming, watched a million music videos, researched set building, filming, and lighting, (let’s be honest, Ben did most of it) and designer Jen Rea created Erin a killer costume. Then we borrowed and rented equipment, and built our own set in the live room at the studio. Three 14 hour days were spent ironing sheets, bungee cording and clamping things, experimenting with angles and lighting, and ultimately filming the video for our first single from Attack Time, “Ride“. We drank whiskey, ate pizza, and the boys tried not to murder me while I constantly complained about how badly my calves hurt and how chaffed my armpits were from my outfit.

Exhausting, but (hopefully) rewarding. What’s next? Editing. Hours and hours of it. Possibly a second shoot with a different theme, depending on how much we like the footage we got. If we’re happy enough to make the whole video from this shoot – we’ll start filming our “Dub Kitty” music video next month!

In the mean time, those of ya’ll in Austin can catch us play two free shows for FREE WEEK this year! 1/5 at Sidewinder and 1/7 at Spider House. (In case you haven’t learned by now, click on stuff for more info)^^^

XOXO -Erin

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