Rainbows Coming Out Of Our Butts

Rainbows Coming Out Of Our Butts


You know when you anticipate something for so long and get so excited for it that you start to feel nauseous?  So to counter-act the anxiety you start to downplay it a LOT in your head? No one’s gonna be there.  It’s going to be a totally lame show.  You’ll sell 2 CDs.  The venue will be like K thanks, never come back.  Your voice will give out three songs in.  People will notice you gained weight and stop wanting to watch you jump around like a crazy person (I’m still a girl, okay?)

Friday morning I woke up with as low expectations as possible.  I slept in.  I went to yoga.  I found out my friend went into labor 3.5 weeks early and tried not to panic.  I warmed up, and waited.

Evening rolled around, and the show (to my surprise) went….great.  Like, FULL of people – who were really into our music, happy to be there, happy to see us and excited to hear our new record.  The lineup was STELLAR.  The sound was perfect.  The visuals were rad.  We had so many friends come and the support was so genuine and positive.  We had merch for the first time EVER – (look at this merch suitcase I made!) and sold 37 copies of Attack Time.


The following day was spent with a big stupid grin on my face, and some much needed momentum was added to the getting-ready-for-tour chaos.  All in all our local pre-release show was a big success, rainbows are coming out of our butts, and we owe a huge thanks to Did You See Those Bats?, COSMS, Videoing, Night Visuals, Cheer Up Charlies, and everyone who made it out.  We love you all!!!

chico cheer ups

If you missed our pre-release party, you can catch us (and buy a copy of Attack Time) at our last Austin show before tourHAAM Benefit Day 2015 @ Holy Mountain!  This will be my first show ever at Holy Mountain (and last, since they are sadly closing in October) so don’t miss it!haam flier

PS – Baby Alvin is doing well, and super cute.  Congratulations John & Karli!


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